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We know some of you take longer trips (lucky you!) and for those trips you might consider another option to get to and from the airport.  But…instead of getting mad at you, we’re going to make it a LOT easier for you to use Blue Sky for these longer trips!

So, we are announcing our NEW WEEKLY RATES!  For as low as $39.95 ($5.71/Day) you can leave your car at Blue Sky for an entire week, and then pay only $6.95 per day for every day more than a week.  And for just $49.95 ($7.14/Day) you can leave your car for an entire week in our cool covered spaces (and $7.95 for each additional day).  Admit it…that’s a deal that’s hard to refuse.  Kinda makes you want to go somewhere for a week or more right now, huh?

And of course you’ll get the same #1 rated service you get at Blue Sky during your shorter trips.  So now, there is every reason to use Blue Sky for every trip!  Get those bags packed and we’ll see you soon!

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