Parking with us is so carefree you’ll think your vacation started early.

Open 24/7 for your convenience.

Once you pull into our lot, you’ll be greeted by a friendly attendant who will direct you right to your space.

Jump aboard our comfy, air-conditioned shuttles.

A shuttle will be there shortly to scoop you up and zip you right on over to the airport. Don’t worry about having to remember where you parked, your driver will hand you a card with your space number on it. Phew!

Sit back and relax (but only for a few minutes).

Since our shuttles take you to the airport faster than anyone else, you’ll only have a few minutes to relax before you get to your terminal. Enjoy it while you can!

Prompt airport pickup.

Once you’ve returned home from your trip, you’ll head outside and one of our easy-to-spot shuttles will be there promptly to bring you back to your car.

Speedy check-out so you can be on your way.

We know you can’t wait to get home, so we made checking out simple and fast. After your driver drops you off at your car, you’ll simply pull up to any one of our multiple exit lanes and in no time flat, you’ll be on your way home. Easy as that!


Located directly on the corner of University and the 143, we're just 3 minutes from the airport!  We’ve made Blue Sky bigger than any other lot in the Valley—so there's always a space for you. With an 8-foot high security fence around the entire lot and security cameras galore, your vehicle will be safe and sound while you’re away. What makes our facility better than all the others?  Frankly, just about everything.


Even more to love about Blue Sky.

Multiple Check-In/Out Lanes

We’ve made it more convenient to park with us! With 2 lanes in and 3 lanes out you'll never have to wait in line coming in or going home.

Covered and Uncovered Spaces

We’ve provided an abundance of covered and uncovered spaces so you have options when it comes to your needs and budget. 

Built to Last

We’ve built the entire facility out of concrete and block, which means no potholes or travel trailer offices here. We’re built to last and be your travel partner for years to come.